Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hey, remember me?

Yeah. I haven’t been writing too much on here, mostly because A) I’ve been busy and B) I’ve moved to a new site.

I’ve done this to you far too many times to count, but I was just like one of those dogs who turns around 300 times just trying to get comfortable. Well, now I’ve found that sweet spot. And it’s at:

Come on over!





I am Introvert–Hear me Roar!

Though I would sometimes rather stay home and cozy up with a book,

I do occasionally head outdoors and make human contact.

When I was finished at work on the 4th, the sun was just setting in a fluffy sky.


 Upon arriving in a parking lot across from a nearby country club, where we could catch the fiery show for free, my sister and mom scoped out the seating selection as I snooped for pictures.



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Foot News

As you may know, I started physical therapy for my achy heels this past week. I did some strange stretches, got a very uncomfortable massage, and performed some peculiar exercises. Suffice it to say that I was not sold on its effectiveness.

After a 9-hour shift of standing at work, I was mostly pain free!


Obviously, I’m sold now.

Last night I also took off a long weekend in a few weeks for an adventure to NYC. I am so anxiously awaiting those days, and have already begun thinking about outfits for the trip. Since it will be NYC, of course I have to look fabulous. Or, at least my interpretation of fabulous.

Any adventures planned in your future?

Have a great weekend!

Cows Aren’t Camera Shy

Not pictured: my family. Mostly because I don’t want to step on any toes. Also partly because you couldn’t pay my family to be in photographs.I journeyed to Amish Land again. That would be Lancaster, PA for those who are feeling a bit lost right now. (More pictures after the jump >>)

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Summer Sky

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